CertainTeed XT 25 

When it comes to weathering the elements, XT 25 is quite simply at the top of its class. Built on a tough fiberglass base, each shingle provides exceptional resistance to blow-off and tearing and has a 10-year StreakFighter® warranty.

• 25-Year Limited Warranty • 5-years of SureStart™ protection • 15-year 60 MPH wind warranty • 10-year StreakFighter® algae resistance warranty

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Let Us Handle the Rest

CertainTeed Landmark Pro 

Landmark PRO provides the reliable quality of Landmark, along with greater durability and eye-catching Max Def colors. With Max Def, a new dimension is added to shingles with a richer mixture of surface granules. You get a brighter, more vibrant, more dramatic appearance and depth of color. And the natural beauty of your roof shines through. Engineered with two laminated layers to replicate the dimensional appearance of true wood shake, Landmark PRO offers peace-of-mind on projects that call for a premier aesthetic at an affordable price.  Backed by a 100+ year legacy of trusted performance, all Landmark PRO shingles include CertainTeed’s industry-leading, lifetime-limited warranty. 

• Lifetime Limited Warranty • 10-years of SureStart™ protection • 15-year 110 MPH wind warranty • 15-year StreakFighter® algae resistance warranty

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Understand the Materials

Picking a Shingle and Color

​​Want to browse all the styles and colors that Smith Roofing has to offer? This page is for you! Take as much time as you need picking out a shingle and color and we will aide you along the way! If you would like a specific shingle that is not shown below, we can accommodate your needs per request. 

If you would like to see any of these materials in person, give us a call. We can bring samples, brochures, and detailed cost estimates for your home. (At absolutely no cost to you!)

*Due to variation in computer monitors and printers, the color samples seen on your computer screen may not exactly match the corresponding color.  To verify the actual product color, contact us and we will bring you a sample to see it in person. *

Roofing in Only 3 Easy Steps

High-performance underlayment (RoofRunner™) provides a water-resistant layer over the roof deck and a secondary barrier against leaks. Waterproofing shingle underlayment (WinterGuard®) prevents leaks from wind-driven rain and ice dams.

Roofing Shingles
Strip shingles are the most basic of residential roofing products available in the market. They are single layered roofing shingles that are generally designed to look like slate. CertainTeed manufactures strip shingles under the product names CT™ 20, XT™ 25, and XT™ 30.

Dimensional roofing shingles typically are heavier weight than strip roofing shingles. They are manufactured as dual-layered products or multi-layered in the case of CertainTeed’s tri-laminate technology. CertainTeed manufactures the Landmark® Series Roofing Shingle as an example of a dimensional roofing shingle.

Accessory Products

Hip and Ridge
Accessory shingles are used to finish the hips and ridges of a residential roof and carry the same warranty as to the shingles they are applied over. There are several options designed to complement the appearance of shingles while providing the same level of protection and durability. CertainTeed manufactures hip and ridge accessories under the product names ShadowRidge® and Mountain Ridge®.

Proper Attic Ventilation
Proper attic ventilation systems allow a continuous flow of outside air through the attic which creates cooler attics in the summer and drier attics in the winter. It consists of a balanced system between air intake (at your eaves or soffits) and air exhaust (at or near your roof ridge). CertainTeed offers Ridge Vent, Rolled Ridge Vent, Static Vents, and Intake Vent products to meet a variety of ventilation needs.    

Starter Shingles
Starter shingles save application time. They are designed to work specifically with assorted styles of shingles for consistent appearance and performance. CertainTeed manufactures starter shingles under the product names Swiftstart® to be used with the Landmark® series and High-Performance Starter to be used with Grand Manor®, Highland Slate®, and Hatteras® shingles.

CertainTeed Landmark

For homeowners seeking true peace of mind, Landmark® shingles are the high-quality, reliable choice for beautifying and protecting a home. With a dual-layered design that emulates the dimensionality of true wood shake, Landmark asphalt shingles offer the heaviest weight and widest array of color options in their class, allowing you to create or re-create the ideal look for your home with confidence. Backed by a 100+ year legacy of trusted manufacturing performance, all Landmark shingles include CertainTeed’s industry-leading, lifetime-limited warranty.   

• Lifetime Limited Warranty • 10-years of SureStart™ protection • 15-year 110 MPH wind warranty • 10-year StreakFighter® algae resistance warranty

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Now just sit back and watch as Smith Roofing takes care of the rest.

Professional Quality Roofing for Over 30 Years​

Smith Roofing

Below, is a diagram to help understand each layer and material that is installed on your brand-new roof.


Pick a shingle and color 



Next, take your time to pick a color for the shingles to help compliment your beautiful home.

Understanding Your New Roof